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Apart of a Community

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Visual Dev for 2020

Visually understanding nodes and paths will be crucial for products developed in 2020. Matched with third party applications from the community means that a 3D view for projects can finally be achieved. Imagine updating design or development changes visually, within a single application.

Long Term Vision

We are developing a platform that will be used throughout the ages. Visual development, while still a new idea, will be a must for designing and developing applications, specifically for VR, AI or IoT in the future.

Open & Connected

As a group of frontend designers and experienced developers we understand the power of community. Therefore, we need companies like yours to help grow open products like Pixel Creator.

A Design-First Platform

We understand that all products today start from a designer's perceptive. Design is fundamentally achieved through the creator, with a visual no-code interface, matched with comments, a debugger and a robust code editor for production ready solutions.